Forever Entwined Delay

Hi Guys!

I am sooooo sorry! I thought I was going to get this chapter out by this week but it’s just not possible. I have midterms for my nursing pre-reqs as well as being sick and on top of that, I work long distance so I while I have been writing the chapter, it’s not ready to be released just yet.

I hope it will be out by April 2nd or something like that!

btw pic is not mine.


New SasuNaru Story

Hi Guys,

I am actually in the process of writing a SasuNaru story. I’m still playing around with the title but it’s either going to be called, “Theory of a Man” or “Made with Meraki.” This story is dedicated to my patients. Here is the summary:

Summary: “I couldn’t live with a design or something artistic that I put out there without giving it the truth and honesty it deserved.” Making that choice to tell the world something can set events into motion that change the course of people’s lives. The day that Naruto spoke up was one of the most memorable moments in Sasuke’s life and career. SasuNaru

I hope the picture gives y’all a clue about what this story might be about hehe!