Forever Entwined Update

Hi guys!

So I wanted to update you all on “Forever Entwined.” I have written 1/4 of the chapter. Since 1/4 of my chapter has 5,000 words so far, this means that when I post this chapter (which might be end of February through Mid-March), it could come out to be 20,000-22,000 words. Hopefully that will give you a lot to read. You may be like awww but I am making this a really long chapter because it will deviate from my normal writing style and how I present the story. You might be wondering why:


This will be the only time I ever write the upcoming chapter this way because I just wanted to satisfy your SasuHina cravings. I knew that if I just released what I had now, it will take 5-7 chapters to get to the SasuHina stuff and so I’m truncating a lot of scenes I had originally planned to fit the time skip and to fit within 22,000 words.

Here’s a snippet of what’s to come! NOTE: This is a draft and could be edited when the thing is posted.

As they were sitting awkwardly for a few silent moments, Hinata spoke, “You know, you may end up having a reserved kid,” She joked as she tucked a stray strand of her behind her ear, trying really hard not to fidget so much. 

Sasuke smirked in amusement as he watched her struggle to figure out the words to say to express herself.

“B-But besides a-all of my shortcomings, I-I told myself that I would never go back on my word…The nindo I adopted from Naruto.” She looked down at her abdomen. She wasn’t sure what brought forth her chattiness all of the sudden; it could be just that she needed to expel some of the stress she was feeling onto someone else who wasn’t Naruto. She didn’t want to burden him completely with all her pent up stress and worry. After all, he is the Hokage and he had a duty to the village.

Sasuke studied her as she smiled fondly at her barely noticeable bump and was reminded of Naruto’s nindo. He knew that she was meek and soft-spoken but he’s heard otherwise, from Sakura, what she did during Pein’s invasion that brought out her capabilities in a new light. Knowing full well that she would lose to Pein, Hinata did not hesitate to come to Naruto’s defense and placed her life on the line for him. When Sakura recounted what he had missed during his time away from Konoha, he gained insight on the lives of his old academy classmates. Of course, Hinata’s actions took everyone by surprise; he was no exception.

His lips quirked upwards at the thought and spoke words that made Hinata’s heart palpitate uncontrollably. “Well, I hope this kid adopts your adopted nindo too.”




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